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Solar Pool Pumping

There are big advantages in looking at a Solar Powered Pool Pump.  These pumps run on DC power from your solar panel and can be fitted with an AC backup connection.  When doing a "Solar Makeover" of your pool, you are advised to look at maximizing efficiencies as well as the pools environmental impact.  Evaporation, heating and cleaning all add to a pools running cost in dollars and to the environment.

In a retrofit situation you may not have the opportunity to follow all of the efficiency rules, but can certainly be useful. For instance if you can reduce your flow rate, the power draw is significantly reduced. If the flow rate can be reduced by 25%, then the back pressure imposed on the pump will be reduced to only about 50%, that's power the pump does not have to use.  In some cases a pool pump can really add to your home power bill.  With a solar pool pump you can reduce that cost to zero.

Solar pool pump systems run on DC power, which draw much less than a conventional AC pump and draw their power from a solar panel.  It is typical that a 3/4 horsepower(HP) DC pump will be able to do the job of a 1.5HP AC motor.

  The two biggest cost in running a pool are pumping and heating, both of which can be significant cut by using solar energy solutions.  For those times when you may want to use the pool at night with the pump running, the AC backup cuts in.  For this short time, the additional grid power usage is quite small in comparison to full daytime use.  Depending on your pool installation, a solar pool pump system can payoff in around 4 years. From that point, your power costs are zero.

Giving your pool a solar make-over will not only save you money but reduce your environmental footprint.

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