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Alternative Berlin Solar

OK - you don't have to go to the extreme of these "hippiesBerlin solar hippie"  living in old East Berlin - but have a look - they are using a DIY solar panel and a little wind turbine for power - ALL in cloudy Berlin !!  
As it happens, there were about 40 shacks and caravans on a tucked away site and about half were wired up on solar.

If you want to "Go Green" there is plenty of ways to start making a change for the good.  Now is the time more that ever, to take charge of your life and whats happening to your world.  Everywhere we look there is a huge groundswell of environmental news and stories telling us we have to change our ways. We watch the stories on icecaps melting, glaciers disappearing and violent storms ravaging every corner of the globe. The scale of these ecological changes is staggering.
So -
if you are thinking of a solar panel or eco-project - then, let's get suck in -- seeya round the website.

Are you ready to take the step to energy freedom and get your Handyman Guide to Building a DIY Solar Panel

Building solar panels from scratch can be a daunting task but with a good guide your first panel can be producing power and charging your batteries after a weekend project build.  For the average homeowner and handyman - a  DIY solar panel installation is a both achievable and a cost effective way to get into solar power at fraction of the cost.

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