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Saving Energy and Money

There seems to be no end to rising energy costs. On top of that, the basic cost of living remains high and economic uncertainty is - well, uncertain !!
When it comes to cost cutting ideas around your home and making ends meet, it's not always easy to see if our small efforts make any difference to our bills or quality of life.  To give you some idea of what all those small changes mean, here is a "quick guide" to how much money you can save and at the same time, make a positve change to your environmental impact on the planet. Remember, not only will you be saving money, but every Watt of energy you don't use, means that the power company burns less "fossil fuel" to make your electricity.  If everyone does the same, the savings are enormous.

Simple changes to your daily habits can have a big effect on the gas and electricity bills that turn up on your doorstep. The trick is to think of your home like a business, where are the costs and how can you shave them.  The way to understand the cost of energy use in your home is to examine its energy efficiency and how your home functions. For instance, your heating is of little use if it is lost through poorly insulated roof, walls, single glazed windows or air leaks. If your house can retain its heating, and because heating makes up the majority of your energy bills, you'll save the most money by reducing your heating needs.

Applying these energy saving ideas can save you heaps of money a year. For a typical home in the United Kingdom, you can save about £375/year or, $US500/year in a house in the northern latitudes of USA.  

Energy Saving Light Bulbs - Save £5-£10/yr. Cost recovered in 6 months
Hot Water Insulation - Save £10/yr. Cost recovered in 1 year
Draught Proofing - Save £35/yr. Cost recovered in 3 years
Heating Controls - Save £50/yr. Cost recovered in 2-5 years
Double Glazed Windows - Save £40/yr. Cost recovered in 5 years
Ceiling/Roof Insulation - Save £80-£100/yr. Cost recovered in 2-6 years
Cavity Wall Insulation - Save £130/yr. Cost recovered in 3 years
Replace Old Heater - Save £120-£200/yr. Cost recovered in 4-5 years

A properly heated house is comfortable and costs less to run by lowering your energy bills.
As well as changing your daily energy habits, you could also install energy efficient products and appliances around your home. Efficient products usually don't cost more than power munchers, but are cheaper to maintain and run.  All this adds up to significant savings on your home costs.



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