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How to Use Solar Energy

How many Ways Can You Think of to Use Solar Energy ?
If you walk outside on a sunny day, youcan feel the heat of the sun on your skin - That is FREE ENERGY warming you.  The massive amount of energy that reaches the earths surface each day, even through cloudy skies is enormous.  But - The question is - How to you capture and put this free energy to good use?  Well here are the tried and tested ways :

  • Generate your own electricity
  • Home heating with passive solar design
  • Home heating with an active solar heating system
  • Solar Powered Lighting
  • Produce Hot Water for your home or swimming pool
  • Passive solar lighting in your home both and outdoors
  • Drying and preserving Fruit
  • Drying clothes (saving on a clothes dryer)

While the sun is free to everyone, just make sure you check with your local government as they may have regulations on how the size and manner you construct and install your solar projects.

In some countries, you can now choose to "buy" your electrical household energy from a "Green Supplier".  Check with local power supply companies as there may be options to receive and be billed for using green sustainable energy rather than fossil fuel based power.


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