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Going Green Budget Tips

So, you want to be a "greenie"? Think quick now, just how green - just a little or the whole hog?   Ok, I guess that being so green that all your friends stop calling around, or moving to the mountains is not what you're after.  But let's say that you want to give it a  "suck it and see".  Right then - let's see what we can do.  Below is a simple list of things you can at least try yourself or even better coax your family along the "green brick road".  Taking a few eco-friendly steps in your life does not have to be hard.

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With just a few changes you can save energy, cut your fuel bills, save some money and have green bumper sticker with a clear conscience.  Using less energy can save you up to 20% on your power bills.

Here are your greenie budget saver tips :

  • Turn your heating down, just 1degree Celcius can save up to 10% on power bills
  • If you're feeling coldish - put on a jumper or cozy fleece before turning up the heater, the heating lag time is just wasted power and a fleece feels great
  • Turn your hot water thermostat down, you don't need to maintain scalding hot water, you just need a nice warm shower or washing water.  If you can't hold your hand in the hot water - it's too damn hot, turn it down and save power
  • Close the curtains at night and cut heat loss through your windows
  • Track down drafts with a smoking incence stick and if possible seal any draft
  • Fit draft stop or brush seals on exterior doors
  • Keep internal doors closed to reduce draughts
  • If you're not in a room, turn off the lights, if you're afraid of the dark, fit a motion sensor to a lamp so it comes on when you enter
  • When cooking, use a hotplate that fits the pot pan and use its lid to use heat efficiently
  • When doing your laundry, wash a full load each time or at least use the semi-load switch
  • Wash at 30 degrees Celcius, modern detergents work perfectly well and you save up to 30% power usage
  • Defrost your freezer regularly so it works efficiently
  • Track down everything that uses standby power - if it has a glowing LED, it's on standby.
  • Standby can use up to 25% of the full load energy, especially your computer sitting at home on standby, turn the suckers OFF
  • Don't over-fill the kettle for just one cup of coffee
  • Use low wattage energy-saving light bulbs where possible (dispose of them properly)

OK, how hard was any of that?  Most of these simple measure didn't cost you a red cent and will save you money and you can congratulate yourself at your first cost cutting and eco friendly steps.  
With your new found confidence, how about taking on a simple DIY project such as planting some  summer shade trees, plant a veggie patch, buy your fruit from a local market rather than from an overseas supplier (your supermarket).  Try something more technical like a DIY Solar Panel and hook it up to a roof cooling fan. Good luck and happy greening.

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