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Do It Yourself (DIY) Solar

Solar power is "Free To ALL", but the big question is - How do you take advantage of it?  Well, it is not so difficult to build a "Do it yourself" DIY Solar Panel to make electricity.  Not only that but, there are many other ways to harness this power.  Solar Hot water, Solar Driers, Solar

Are you ready to take the step to energy freedom and get your Handyman Guide to Building a DIY Solar Panel

 On a sunny day,  That is FREE ENERGY warming you.  There is a  massive amount of energy reaching the earths surface each day, even through cloudy skies.  The Average amount of sun is about 160 Watts per square meter.  On a summer day, we can get about 600 Watts per hour per sqaure meter.  So in an 8 Hour day, thats 4800 Watt Hours/Meter.
In other words, the equivilant of about 0.5Lt of petrol - FOR FREE!

While a solar panel can be built for less than $200, you will need to calculate the power usage you wish to cover to build a suitable system.  Remember you will likely need a professional to connect your system to your house power supply.  For a DIY project, your first consideration is where is and how much sun do you get. However, a site that is unshaded and sun facing is a basic requirement. In reality you will need 2 or 4 solar panels to be really useful and that means a space of about 3 to 5 square meters of space. This can be a roof or even a garden wall.  Small scale projects mostly don't need planning permission, however, it is best to enquire with your local authority to avoid hassles further down the line.

Other Solar Do It Yourself DIY projects.
    * Home heating with passive solar design
    * Solar Powered Garden Lighting
    * Produce Hot Water for your home or swimming pool
    * Drying and preserving Fruit

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