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SolarDIYInfo is all about bringing you Simple, Practical Solar Energy Solutions

If tyou have been looking for Solar DIY information, please check out our growing list of articles and hints on solar applicationsolar roofs.

If you need to or are looking for ways to apply solar solutions to your home, cabin, farm or business, there may well be a suggestion that assists you.

There are many ways that solar energy, both passive and active, can cut the costs of energy usage.

If you are thinking of a solar panel or eco-project.   Here are some quick Solar Information Pointers :

  • information about  solar panels
  • Information about solar panel tracking
  • Solar Hot water
  • Information about solar pools
  • Building solar panel tips
  • Information of solar applications
  • Hints on solar installations
Are you ready to take the step to energy freedom and get your Handyman Guide to Building a DIY Solar Panel

For the average homeowner and handyman - a  DIY solar panel installation is a both achievable and a cost effective way to get into solar power at fraction of the cost.  Building solar panels from scratch can be a daunting task but with a good guide your first panel can be producing power and charging your batteries after a weekend project build. 

There are many ways that solar can be put to use, Passive solar, water heating and heat storage are simple effective ways to save money and utilize solar power in your home.

So - Let's get suck in -- seeya round the website !!


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